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The Reunion is over and all that's left is the memories; Check out the Saturday Golf page, Old phots section, and  New Sat Banquet photos

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Welcome to the Class of 1976 Home Page!

OK, it's over already. The thirty year party is over, but what a blast!  It was great to see everybody and it was a great turnout. 

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Sentinel Class of 76 group photo after Dinner on Saturday.

Send me your pictures from the parties and I'll post them.

 Here's a little summary of the reunion.

Friday Night - Aug 4

We had a great turn out.  My estimate of the total turn out was abut 225 people for Sentinel and 115 for Hellgate.  With some light music in the background, everybody started socializing immediately.  I think some were confused by the gray hair on almost all the guys, but hey, most of us are around 48.  Once the badges we put on, people started to relate a little better. 

 I can't tell you what an impressive turnout of classmates this was.  I personally, enjoyed seeing everyone, and thank you for your nice comments on the organization.  We had a photographer drop out on the Friday session, so if you have any pictures of Friday, please send them to me, and I'll post them on the Friday Page.


Saturday Day - Aug 5 - Golf (Click here for Golf Pictures)

Saturday Night - Aug 6 - banquet (Click Here for Details and Picts)

Saturday was another excellent turn out.  We had 198 (Sentinel) for our buffet.  Entertainment included the band "Funk NA" and  Kelly Marie (Vanderveer) Neumayer.  Go to Saturday Night page for details.

Sunday Day - Aug 6th - Picnic

A side from the bees, the picnic was excellent.  Good food, Great conversation and an unbelievable setting. Later in the day, Tom took some people up on the hill to check out he slopes and the view.  I went the week before and it's breath taking. Tom, thank you for your generosity with the picnic and good luck with your Bitterroot Resort  

Thank you everyone for making this one of the most successful Reunions Yet!


Esteban Guitar
Esteban Guitar