30 Year Class Reunion 2007

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Hellgate   &    Sentinel

It's over already.  The 30 year has come and past.  I hope all of you who where able to attend, enjoyed yourselves. For those of you who weren't able to attend you cans see so of   We are gathering up the photos and posting them on this web site.  It will take us a week or two to get it all together as we get all of the pictures together.  If you have photos that you would like to get posted, please do the following:

Send your photos to David DeBruin @ info@missoulaclassof77.com

  1. Please try to weed out the good from the bad. 

  2. Crop your photos, if possible, to present the image that is key to the photo.

  3. label the photo so I can put a caption on it.

  4. Please resize your photos to keep the size down

  5. * Please send you photo in chucks of 5 meg or less.  Send multiple e-mails if needed.

Thanks for your support of the Class of 77

This year’s events  were organized collectively by representatives of each school.    Gerry Steinbrenner and Dean Gillmore of Hellgate,  Greg McCue and Todd Parge from Sentinel. We know that we will need help from everyone to have a truly successful event.      All Class of 77 Loyola-Sacred Heart graduates are welcome as well.

Now for some Pictures.

Friday Night        
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Saturday Golf - Under construction 

 Saturday Night - Under construction


       Rolling Stones in MIssoula, MT
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Thanks to Tom Webster for the Photos

By combining this as the Missoula Class of 77 reunion we will be able to get together as a community while also allowing the individual schools to celebrate a dinner social that is distinctive to that school. After dinner we are excited about getting the entire Missoula Class of 77 together for fellowship, reminiscing and dancing. This large group will be meeting at the same place which will create savings in the catering, conference room fees, entertainment, and hotel room rates.  This is a non-profit event and any additional moneys that may be left over are going to be donated to local charities. 

Washington/Grizzly Stadium On Griz Day

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We have a registration page that will track everyone's personal data and thereby help to simplify things on our end.  This will also provide all of you with a database to easier keep in better contact with your classmates.  Please fill this out even if you can't attend.   

This is your web-site, your friends, your home town, and your only 30th high school class reunion. This is going to be one for the books. See you the end of July!

 Here's a  summary of the upcoming reunion.

Friday Night - July 27 Cocktail Party at Caras Park

Saturday Night - July 28 - Dinner and Dance at The Hilton

Sunday Morning - July 29 - Golf

Sunday Afternoon - July 29 Bar-B-Q Lunch

Click Here for More Specific Reunion Info 

A Thank You to Everyone for Helping Make this Reunion a Success!